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Lisa Lindell

Lisa Lindell


Catalog Librarian/Professor

Office Building

Hilton M. Briggs Library



Mailing Address

Briggs Library 116
Briggs Library-Box 2115
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


B.A. (English, German, and Mathematics), Augustana University
M.A. (Library & Information Studies), University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A. (English), South Dakota State University

Professional Memberships

South Dakota Library Association, Association of College & Research Libraries, American Library Association, and ALA's Library History Round Table

Awards and Honors

James L. Sellers Memorial Award, best journal article in Nebraska History for the previous year. Awarded April 2021 for “The Nebraska Cyclone: Lillie Williams and the Embrace of Sport and Spectacle.”

Herbert S. Schell Award, best journal article in South Dakota History for the previous year. Awarded April 2019 for “In Their Own Words: Women of Brown County, South Dakota, in World War I.”

Mildred Throne & Charles Aldrich Academic History Award, Honorable Mention, Annals of Iowa. Awarded May 2014 for “The Education of Linnie Haguewood.”

Area(s) of Research

Women's history, library history, print culture

Applications of Research

Lindell, Lisa R. (2023). "The harvest is so great and the laborers are so few": The public ministry of two evangelical women preachers in nineteenth-century Minnesota. Women's History Today, 3(6), 14-23.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2022). "I have felt a great zeal for this work": The educational and evangelical mission of Luella Belle Pettigrew. South Dakota History, 52(1), 29-66.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2021). Fitting women to their work: The vocational vision of Helen M. Bennett. Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 114(3-4), 55–84.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2020). "So well begun and so much needed": Building up libraries for residents of Iowa's state institutions. Annals of Iowa, 79(2), 121-151.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2019). The Nebraska cyclone: Lillie Williams and the embrace of sport and spectacle. Nebraska History, 100(4), 194-209.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2018). Cuckoo Collins: The crooked path of a nineteenth-century professional sprinter. Journal of Sport History, 45(3), 334-351.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2018). In their own words: Women of Brown County, South Dakota, in World War I. South Dakota History, 48(1), 1-31.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2018). “The spirit of the builder”: The library career of Julia Carson Stockett. Libraries: Culture, History, and Society, 2(1), 48-71.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2016). "We are laying foundations": South Dakota's first ordained women Congregational ministers. Great Plains Quarterly, 36(1), 31-52.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2015). "All calls promptly attended to, day or night": Women doctors in southern Dakota Territory. South Dakota History, 45(1), 27-67.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2014). A woman of her time: Dr Frances Woods and the intersection of war, expansionism and equal rights. Women's History Magazine, 75, 11-19.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2013). The education of Linnie Haguewood. Annals of Iowa, 72(2), 91-121.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2012). "Awake to the needs of our day": Early women lawyers in South Dakota. South Dakota History, 42(3), 197-236.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2009). "So long as I can read": Farm women's reading experiences in depression-era South Dakota. Agricultural History, 83(4), 503-527.

Lindell, Lisa (2009). Finding Sissa (and much more). Swedish American Genealogist, 29(2), 14-17.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2008). "Sowing the seeds of liberal thought": Unitarian women ministers in nineteenth-century South Dakota. South Dakota History, 38(2), 148-180.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2005). A "splendid service": The South Dakota Free Library Commission in the 1930s. South Dakota History, 35(3), 249-271.

Lindell, Lisa. (2004). Bringing books to a "book-hungry land": Print culture on the Dakota prairie. Book History, 7, 215-238.

Lindell, Lisa. (2004). "No greater menace": Verne Sankey and the kidnapping of Charles Boettcher II. Colorado History, 10, 37-56.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2003). The "quickening power" of education: Women students at South Dakota State University, 1885-1920. South Dakota History, 33(1), 18-45.

Lindell, Lisa. (2003). "A few good books": South Dakota's country school libraries. Libraries & Culture, 38(1), 24-49.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2001). Camp Cody library: Books for World War I soldiers. New Mexico Historical Review, 76(3), 285-308.

Lindell, Lisa R. (2000). Collegiate life from both sides of the desk: South Dakota State University in the 1880s. South Dakota History, 30(2), 167-199.

Lindell, Lisa. (2000, Spring). Lot 1, Block 4: Searching for the grave of Anthony Morse. Canadian-American Journal of History & Genealogy for Canadian, French & Metis Study, 5, 6-10.

Lindell, Lisa R. (1997). Conquering a wilderness: Destruction and development on the Great Plains in Mari Sandoz's Old Jules. Heritage of the Great Plains, 30(2), 43-53.

Lindell, Lisa. (1997). Searching for Sissa. Swedish American Genealogist, 17(1), 23-28.

Lindell, Lisa R. (1996). Recasting epic tradition: The dispossessed as hero in Sandoz's Crazy Horse and Cheyenne Autumn. Great Plains Quarterly, 16(1), 43-53.