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Completed Projects

The completed Water and Environmental Engineering Research Center (WEERC) projects are listed below. 

Project TitleSponsor(s)End DatePrincipal Investigators

Experimental Study of Two-Phase Suspended Sediment Transport in Breaking Waves

National Science Foundation8/31/2017

Ting, Francis

Project TitleSponsor(s)End DatePrincipal Investigators

The Mountain-Plains Consortium Program at SDSU-FY 13-15: Using Flocculation to Reduce Turbidity of Construction Site Runoff

U.S. Department of Transportation Through NDSU, Mountain-Plains Consortium MPC5/31/2016

Hua, Guanghui

Schmit, Christopher

"STEAM Girls" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)NASA, SD School of Mines and Technology5/25/2016

Kant, Joanita

FY15 State Water Resources Institute Program: Controlling Harmful Algal Blooms in Eutrophic LakesUSGS2/29/2016

Min, Kyungnan

FY14 State Water Resources Research Institute Program: Nutrient Removal from Agricultural Subsurface Drainage Using Denitrification Bioreactors and Phosphate Adsorbents


Hua, Guanghui


Project TitleSponsor(s)End DatePrincipal Investigators

Algae as a Solution to Eutrophic lakes

SDSU Research Support12/31/2015Min, Kyungnan
Project TitleSponsor(s)End DatePrincipal Investigators

City of Sioux Falls Digester Grease Addition Project

City of Sioux Falls-Water Reclamation Facility1/21/2014Christopher Schmit
Project TitleSponsor(s)End DatePrincipal Investigators
Conservation Practices Assessment of the Lowe Bad River BasinU.S. Dept of Agriculture/Conservation Effects8/31/2013Burckhard, Suzette
Determination of Microbial Kinetics for the Degradation of Estrogens and Triclosan in Activated Sludge SystemsU.S. Geological Survey through SDSU Water Resources Institute2/28/2013Schmit, Christopher
Project TitleSponsor(s)End DatePrincipal Investigators
City of Sioux Falls Denitrification Study - Phase IICity of Sioux Falls Water Reclamation Facility8/1/2012Schmit, Christopher
Impacts of DBP Precursor Removal and Disinfection Modifications on D/DBP Rule Compliance at Missouri River Water Treatment facilities.SD Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources5/31/2012DeBoer, Delvin
Customer Premise Corrosion Studies Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water System5/15/2012DeBoer, Delvin
Project TitleSponsor(s)End DatePrincipal Investigators
Improving Safety of Crude Oil and Regional Water System Pipeline CrossingsUS Department of Transportation-PHMSA, South Dakota Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources, Regional Water System Research Consortium12/31/2011Delvin DeBoer
Measurement of Human Pharmaceutical Compounds in Surface WaterSDSU Water Resources Institute2/28/2011Bruce Berdanier, Sharon Clay
Project TitleSponsor(s)End DatePrincipal Investigators
Development of Analytical Capabilities for the Examination of Treatment  Potential of Human Pharmaceutical Compounds in a Municipal Wastewater Treatment PlantU.S. Dept. of Agriculture thru SDSU Ag Experiment Station/Plant Science9/30/2010Bruce Berdanier, Sharon Clay
Acquisition of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES) National Science Foundation8/31/2010Bruce Berdanier, Delvin DeBoer
Managing Shallow Glacial Aquifers U.S. Geological Survey through SDSU Water Resources Institute8/31/2010Suzette Burckhard, Patrick Emmons
Filtration Pilot Plant Study for the City of Sioux Falls Water ReclamationCity of Sioux Falls7/20/2010Christopher Schmit