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System International Employment Services

About Us

The System International Employment Services (SIES) was created in 2008 to provide immigration services and nonresident alien tax support for our six public universities in South Dakota. We aim to provide timely and high quality support to students, employees, department leaders and human resources teams in support of the education and research goals of the South Dakota Board of Regents.

We are located on the campus of South Dakota State University in Morrill Hall 315 and can assist with:

Employment based immigration activities including:

  • Guidance on recruitment to support immigration sponsorship.
  • Assistance with visiting international lecturers, interns or scientists.
  • Monitoring employment authorization dates and strategies for ongoing employment (where needed).
  • Preparation and filing of H-1B visa applications for eligible positions.
  • Assistance with permanent residence applications for eligible positions.
  • Employment letters for travel or hosting relatives.

Nonresident alien tax support including:

  • Assessment of tax status.
  • Management of tax treaties.
  • Oversight to withholdings on payments to nonresident aliens delivered through payroll, scholarship and accounts payable.
  • Income tax filing resources to nonresident aliens.
  • Year end tax documents and SDBOR tax filings.