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A Message from Dean Krogh

Dean Krogh and Dean Emeritus Roberta Olson with President Barry H. Dunn

We are well into our fall semester and have had a lot to celebrate this fall. The College of Nursing has been working diligently to establish endowments within the college to provide support to faculty in our teaching, research and service enterprise across the state. Endowments are transformative within education because they provide a steady stream of funding that helps to improve the student experience while helping to provide critical funding to impact the health and well-being of our citizens. 

I am proud to announce our very first funded endowment for the deanship in the College of Nursing, provided by Dean Emerita Roberta Olson. It has long been Dean Olson’s vision to create such an endowment because she recognized the growth opportunities that would come from this additional funding. On Sept. 21, a ceremony was held to celebrate endowments across the university. As the 50th endowment holder at SDSU, it is my esteemed honor to be the inaugural Roberta K. Olson Endowed Dean for Nursing. I am grateful to Dean Olson and her generosity that made this endowment possible. She has been a mentor and friend since I transitioned into the dean role at SDSU, and the college will continue to benefit from this impactful gift. 

This newsletter is a celebration of students, faculty, and staff and the great work they do every day to provide the next generation of nursing leaders and scholars. Last month, we had a great turnout for One Day for STATE, and a record number of donors for the college. Thank you to all of our friends who made this  possible. 

Go Jacks!

Mary Anne Krogh, Ph.D., APRN, CRNA, FAAN

Roberta K. Olson Endowed Dean for Nursing