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#MeetSDStateNursing—Kylie Huygens

Kylie Huygens

Name: Kylie Huygens

Hometown: Baltic

Site: Brookings

What motivated you to choose a career in nursing? The idea of becoming a nurse had circulated in my head, as my mom is a DNP. When I was 23, I had just started a new job at a medical group in Idaho as a receptionist, when my sister messaged me that my dad was hospitalized, where he later passed away in the ICU. The staff helped me through any questions I had, and they were an amazing representation of someone that I wanted to be.

Why did you choose SDSU to pursue your nursing degree? South Dakota State University has an amazing credibility, and it was close to home ‐ I later moved back from Idaho to pursue my degree.

What clinical experience have you enjoyed the most and why? My clinical experienced I've enjoyed the most was Sanford 2000 ‐ I learned so much with Joslyn as an instructor. Labor and Delivery was amazing as well.

Is there a particular field of nursing you are planning to pursue? I have now been in the ICU for two years. I love it and either want to do intensive care and go on for my CRNA ‐ or enter the field of the emergency department!

What is your big dream? My biggest dream is being able to travel as a nurse and enjoy exploring new places! We always "look forward" but forget that it's important to stop where you are and take it all in because you're right in the middle of what you used to wish for or look forward to!

What advice would you share with a future nursing student? My friends will laugh at this ‐ but read your books! Spend time with family, friends as much as possible and take time for yourself each day (on do not disturb)! Enjoy each spring break to the fullest! Take the internship no matter where it is! Most importantly, know how big your individual impact could have on one person each time you answer the phone, step into a room, or simply give someone a smile :)