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#MeetSDStateNursing—Catrina Miller

Catrina and her children

Catrina is a semester five student in Brookings. She is also working on a Spanish major. Her hometown is Watertown, SD, and she is a mother to Zachary and Asher.

Catrina has served as one of our Nursing Student Ambassadors. She encourages fellow students to have as many new/exciting/scary experiences as you can!

Her future goal is to be a nurse who makes meaningful connections with people. Someday, she plans to pursue a master’s degree and teach other nurses. She also looks forward to growing her family.

Catrina said, “I  have always loved Biology and learning about how people work. I knew I wanted a career in medicine. Nurses in particular have such a significant opportunity to change the patient experience and sometimes their lives. I have been inspired by nurses that treated my brother though childhood cancer. Their humor, care, and knowledge made all the difference to my family. Nursing is also full of diverse opportunities from mental health to home health to working in an emergency room. I love the idea of being able to mix it up!”

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