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Preceptor Training and Resources

Preceptor Training and Resources

The College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions considers our pharmacist preceptors to be invaluable and necessary assets. Pharmacist preceptors teach students practice skills necessary to provide quality pharmacy care. In addition to serving as a teacher, pharmacist preceptors are mentors that promote personal and professional growth in student pharmacists.

The College provides library access to pharmacist preceptors. Please e-mail Jodi Heins for library access instructions.

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E*Value is an experiential education management program that allows students to maintain an electronic portfolio, complete site evaluations and view both their IPPE and APPE schedule. Preceptors also use E*Value for submitting experiential education evaluations.

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The College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions has partnered with The Collaborative Education Institute (CEI) to provide our preceptors with professional development resources. CEI offers a variety of programs to help preceptors develop as educators and engage students at their practice sites. Approved preceptors can access the CEI resources through the E*Value website.