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CFRN parenting classes set for Brookings, Huron, Watertown in March

Child and Family Resource Network

The Child and Family Resource Network at South Dakota State University will hold four parenting classes throughout March to focus on helping parents discover what their children’s behaviors could mean. 

“Understanding Me Up to Age 3” is a four-week class series that helps parents of children from birth to age 3 understand the world from a child’s perspective. The lessons allow parents to respond in ways that encourage and enhance a child’s development. 

The class series is being offered in Brookings, Huron and Watertown. 

“Young children tell us what they are thinking, learning and feeling through their behaviors. Understanding these behaviors can help you find out what your child is telling you,” said Kami Bartels, training specialist with the Child and Family Resource Network. 

The free classes will be offered: 

  • in Brookings at the Pugsley Center from 6-8 p.m. Thursdays. 
  • in Huron at the Huron Public Library from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesdays. 
  • in Watertown at the Beacon Center from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursdays. 

Classes in Brookings will have an optional Zoom link for remote learning. 

The schedule of classes includes: 

  • March 7 (Brookings and Watertown) and March 13 (Huron) – Why I Do What I Do: This class explains your child’s behavior as they think, learn and feel with strategies to encourage a child’s development. 
  • March 14 (Brookings and Watertown) and March 20 (Huron) – Keep Me Safe: This class give tips to make homes a safe place for children to grow and learn. 
  • March 21 (Brookings and Watertown) and March 27 (Huron) – How I Learn: This class provides tips and tools to encourage a child’s natural desire to learn. 
  • March 28 (Brookings and Watertown) and April 3 (Huron) – Help Me Manage My Feelings: This class provides insight on guiding and encouraging a child through the stressful moments of growing up. 

Registration is required by calling 605-688-5730, emailing the Child and Family Resource Network or going to the Child and Family Resource Network

The certificate awarded for course completion is approved by Court Services and the Department of Social Services.