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Getting Ready to Judge

NHD in SD judges interviewing students about their exhibit projects.

The NHD® program utilizes a process known as consensus judging , meaning you will work with your fellow judges to review entries, interview students, provide written feedback, and select which projects advance from the State Contest on to the National Contest.

Judging teams consist of 3 judges. One lead judge, and 2 co- judges. The lead judge is an experienced judge that has either judged within NHD in the past, or someone who has an expertise in the field. The lead judge's job is to help guide the co-judges, and to ensure the team stays on time.

Required Reading:

The NHD Rule Book includes all rules and guidelines student entries are required to follow. Please read through the general contest rules and the specific rules for your assigned judging category prior to the contest.

NHD Rule Book

Judging Instructions by Category:

Choose your assigned judging category.






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