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LeadState is a semester-long leadership development program designed for college sophomores. Students are nominated to participate by faculty and staff from across campus and can also self-nominate by sending an e-mail to the LeadState account indicating their interest in the program. Around fifty students take part in LeadState each semester, and over 1000 students have completed the program since its inaugural year in 2009.

The LeadState facilitation team comprises professional staff, faculty and administrators from across campus. Members organize leadership events, coordinate service opportunities, present leadership workshops and serve as leadership coaches who meet with students several times throughout the semester. 

As an intensive co-curricular leadership development experience, LeadState's mission is to:

  • help students identify and build on their leadership strengths through work with Gallup, Inc.'s StrengthsFinder tool;
  • connect them with emerging and established campus and community leaders;
  • engage them in meaningful service and reflection;
  • assist them through the development and pursuit of their leadership goals;
  • enhance their leadership efficacy; and,
  • prepare them for personal and professional success in future endeavors.