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The LeadState Experience

Throughout the fall semester, LeadState students partake in several leadership development activities.

Welcome Event

Prior to the start of the fall semester experience, the spring Welcome Event introduces nominated students to LeadState and invites them to confirm their participation in the fall cohort.


The foundation of the entire LeadState experience! Over the course of a 1.5 day retreat, students are guided through an in-depth examination of the strengths-based leadership philosophy and social change model, which are the building blocks for creating their Leadership Development Plan.


Students in LeadState are grouped into clusters, each meeting with a team of 2-3 Coaches and a Student Coach throughout the semester to discuss leadership topics, reflect on their Leadership Development Plans and plan their service project.

Service Project

In partnership with Jack's Cupboard, each LeadState cluster will plan and implement their own service project. LeadState clusters are supported by members of the facilitation team (LeadState Coaches & Student Coaches).

Culminating Event

An end-of-the-semester celebration of LeadState where participants are asked to practice their networking skills with campus and community professionals and reflect on what they’ve learned about leadership through the program while enjoying light appetizers.

Other LeadState Experiences:

Individual Coaching

After completing the fall LeadState experience, students have the option of participating in 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a member of the LeadState facilitation team, providing an opportunity to engage more nuanced discussions their Leadership Development Plan.

Student Coaches

A peer mentorship program that allows interested LeadState graduates to apply for participation in the subsequent year’s cohorts. Student Coaches work with clusters to share their own leadership experience and support LeadState participants through theirs.

Student Coach Coordinator

There's more! After interested students complete the Student Coach experience, they can return for a final year with LeadState, providing support to that year's Student Coaches while continuing to develop their own leadership capacities. The Student Coach Coordinator is an equal to the professional facilitation team in every sense.