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GSCE Seminars and Lectures

Section - Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence

GSCE Seminars

The GSCE sponsors a seminar series in support of the Geospatial Science and Engineering Ph.D. program, but which is open to those interested in the topics discussed.

The Virginia and J. Edward Holtry Distinguished Lectures in Geographic Information Science

The Virginia and J. Edward Holtry Distinguished Lecture Series brings renowned speakers to SDSU who are recognized for their important research contributions at the nexus of society and the natural environment. The lectures and associated activities of our Distinguished Speakers are designed to involve SDSU faculty and students with these prominent scientists and to promote public understanding of how geographic information science is being used to address some of the most important problems of our time.

Past Speakers

Date Topic Presenter
Tue, 03/22/2016 Plants Know What Day It Is: The Science of Phenology in a Changing Climate Dr. Mark D. Schwartz
Wed, 04/15/2015 Our Planet's Fragile Soundscapes: A Mission to Record, Study and Protect Earth's Acoustic Heritage Dr. Bryan Pijanowski, Director, Discovery Park Center for Global Soundscapes, Purdue University