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EDA University Center

The University Center at SDSU:

University Centers, funded by the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA), have historically been an effective conduit for matching University expertise to real-world industry challenges to foster economic development. SDSU has been involved in University Centers at varying capacities since the 1990s and have worked with clients in manufacturing, product and process realization, and technical assessments, to name a few.


The mission of the SDSU EDA University Center is to foster innovative economic development throughout the State of South Dakota by utilizing university resources, forging strategic collaborative partnerships, and addressing industry-driven needs that include sustainable energy, precision agricultural technologies, and COVID assessment and mitigation strategies.

What can the SDSU University Center do for you?

                The University Center at SDSU is a one-stop shop that brings together

  • the expertise of our faculty and staff,
  • the specialized equipment available in our research, academic, and service laboratories,
  • the talent pool of our students, and
  • the collaborative partners in our statewide network

to engage with South Dakotans to address their technical, entrepreneurial, and business-related challenges.

Impacts for South Dakota:

Industry – Support, Expansion, and Development

  • Direct access to researcher expertise, student talent, and scientific equipment in a University environment.
  • Streamline the process of technology transfer and Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Providing market-based consulting services and strategic planning.

Workforce – Training, Upskilling, and Pivoting

  • Focus on workforce development opportunities, especially for smaller and medium-sized communities in South Dakota
  • Training and re-training of personnel for next generations of job opportunities.
  • Professional development workshops for career advancement

Students and Graduates – Real-world Applications and Experience, Industry Engagement

  • Interface with industry via projects, capstone design, internships, and startup competitions, to name a few.
  • Opportunities to make a positive impact for communities in South Dakota.
  •  Maximize learning experiences and enhance career-building proficiencies.