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Housing Considerations and Documents


  • Students with disabilities seeking accommodations in University Housing generally must provide current documentation of their disability to the Office of Disability Services (ODS). An example of an exception to the requirement is a student who utilizes a mobility device such as a wheelchair.  
  • The process of providing access to accommodations for a disability in University Housing is shared between the ODS and housing staff. The role the ODS staff plays is to receive the student’s documentation, review it to determine if it supports the provision of reasonable accommodations because of a disability or disabilities that significantly impact one or more major life activities. The ODS then notifies housing if an accommodation is supported, and what the accommodation(s) may be. The information shared with housing includes the student’s name, ID number and the accommodation(s) they are to receive access to. 
  • The ODS has no role to play in specific hall assignments, only the features needed. Some accommodations we can provide may include access to a first floor or elevator access, a strobe fire alarm for individuals with hearing loss, or the opportunity to have a support animal reside with them

(Please share the form below with your medical/mental health provider and return the completed form to Nancy Hartenhoff-Crooks.)

Students with Disabilities in Housing