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Nathan Edwards

Nathan Edwards


Mesonet Operations Manager

Office Building


Mailing Address

Aberdeen Regional Center-CES
13 2nd Ave SE
Aberdeen, SD 57401


Nathan's interest is in providing statewide weather data that is useful to a wide audience and really benefits his native South Dakota. Whether in agriculture, emergency management, water management or just a citizen checking the weather, there isn't a South Dakotan whose life isn't touched by weather everyday. Once Mesonet data is collected and archived, it is put to work again by researchers at State and beyond to find solutions to benefit residents and industries of the state.

Committee Activities

Upper Missouri River Basin Monitoring Network, United States Army Corps of Engineers
-Governance/Siting Committee
-Instrumentation Committee (lead)
-Data Management Committee

Executive Committee, National Coordinated Soil Moisture Monitoring Network (NCSMMN)

Functional Standards & Practices Subcommittee, American Association of State Climatologists

Professional Memberships

American Association of State Climatologists
American Meteorological Society

Area(s) of Research

Fiebrich, C. A., Brinson, K. R., Mahmood, R., Foster, S. A., Schargorodski, M., Edwards, N. L., Redmond, C. A., Atkins, J. R., Andresen, J. A., & Lin, X. (2020). Toward the Standardization of Mesoscale Meteorological Networks, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 37(11), 2033-2049. Retrieved Jun 10, 2021, from

“A Strategy for a National Coordinated Soil Moisture Monitoring Network” ( contributing author

American Association of State Climatologists “Recommendations and Best Practices for Mesonets” contributing author (

Cosh, MH, Caldwell, TG, Baker, CB, Bolten, JD, Edwards, N, Goble, P, Hofman, H, Ochsner, TE, Quiring, S, Schalk, C, Skumanich, M, Svoboda, M, Woloszyn, ME. Developing a strategy for the National Coordinated Soil Moisture Monitoring Network. Vadose Zone J. 2021;1−13.

Applications of Research

Agriculture pesticide application

Soil climate

Crop yield estimation

Fire weather

Public safety (severe weather, heat stress)

Drought monitoring

Hydrology (evapotranspiration, soil moisture, precipitation)



Mesonet at SDState