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Hossein Moradi Rekabdarkolaee

Hossein Moradi


Assistant Professor

Office Building

Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall



Mailing Address

Chicoine Architecture, Math & Engineering Building 240
Math & Statistics-Box 2225
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Ph.D. System Modeling and Analysis. Virginia Commonwealth University.
M.Sc. Operations Research.
M.Sc. Mathematical Statistics (Spatial Statistics).
B.Sc. Statistics.

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Early-Carer Researcher Award. Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering. South Dakota State University. 2024.

Editor’s Pick Award: Article “Application of Pyraclostrobin Fungicide at Miniature Floral Head Development Growth Stage Is Efficacious Against Phomopsis Stem Canker Fungi in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)” as an Editor’s Pick from Vol. 24, No. 1 of Plant Health Progress. 2023.

Mike Kutner Best Faculty Poster Presentation Award. SRCOS Summer Conference. (2019, 2022, 2023).

Kutner/ASA Junior Faculty Travel Award, SRCOS Summer Conference. (2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023).

Travel Award funded by STATMOS for visiting NCAR. (2017).

Best Oral Presentation Award. Virginia Academy of Science. (2015, 2016).

Best Poster Award, Psychiatric Society of Virginia Fall Conference. (2015).

Graduate Student Harshbarger Travel Award, SRCOS Summer Conference. (2014, 2015).

Travel Award, SAMSI. (2014, 2015, 2017).


Current Funding

Statistician: Assessment of vaccine Decision-Making Factors. South Dakota Department of Health Immunization Program. $87,861. January 2024 - December 2024. (0.5 summer salary + 10% of regular time).

Co-PI: Developing explainable machine learning and computational methods for identifying geographic and racial disparities in end stage renal disease. NIH. $1,091,316. September 2023 - August 2024. (1 month summer salary + 20% of regular time + 12 GRA for the duration of the grant).

Senior Personnel: Collaborative Research: RII Track-2 FEC: STORM: Data-Driven Approaches for Secure Electric Grids in Communities Disproportionately Impacted by Climate Change. $750,000. NSF. July 2023 - June 2027. (0.5 month summer salary).

Co-PI: DOE (Renewal-Phase III): Development and Validation of Models to Assess Dynamic Response of Converter‐Dominated Power Systems across Multiple Spatiotemporal Scales. (Lead Institution: University of Alaska Fairbanks). $291,211; 8/2023 - 8/2025. (0.5 month summer salary).

Statistician: Administration and Reporting for the 2023 SD Youth Tobacco Survey. $128,020. South Dakota Department of Health, partial flow-through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2023-2024. (0.5 month summer salary + 8% of regular time for the duration of the grant).

Co-PI: Palliative Care Use Among American Indians and Alaska Native with End-Stage Renal Disease Caused by Diabetes. $55,688. NIH. January 2023 - May 2024. (1 month summer salary).

Co-PI: Climate-Smart Commodities GEVO Conservation Practice Adoption. USDA. $2,282,548. July 2023 - December 2027. (1 month summer salary + one Ph.D. GRA).

Co-PI: DSFAS-AI: Leveraging data science, remote sensing, and open source tools to inform grassland management decisions for livestock producers. USDA. $649,948; 06/2022 -- 06/2026. (0.5 month summer salary + one Ph.D. GRA).

Co-PI: Pre-pubertal replacement gilt selection through biological indicators. USDA-NIFA-AFRI. $607,830; 2021-2026. (0.4 month summer salary).

Previous Funding

Co-PI: DE-SC00020281 (Renewal): Development and Validation of Models to Assess Dynamic Response of Converter‐Dominated Power Systems across Multiple Spatiotemporal Scales. (Lead Institution: University of Alaska Fairbanks). $331,413; 8/2021 - 8/2023. (1 month summer salary).

PI: Comparing Prediction Capability of Different Neural Network Structures and Machine Learning Models for Precision Agriculture Data. SDSU's Future Innovators of America Undergraduate Research Fellowship. $5,000. January 2023 - May 2023. (Used to hire an undergraduate student).

Co-PI: Design of Neural Ordinary Differential Equations for Increasing Electricity Grid Resilience. South Dakota State University Innovation and Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA). $12,468. (Used to hire GRA). June 2022 - May 2022.

Co-PI: Investigating the burden of breast cancer and assessing the impact of breast cancer screening program among women in South Dakota. South Dakota Department of Health Cancer. 0.75 month summer salary for summers 2021 and 2022.

Senior Personnel: Development and Validation of Models to Assess Dynamic Response of Converter-Dominated Power Systems across Multiple Spatiotemporal Scales. Department of Energy. (Lead Institution the University of Alaska Fairbanks). (2.25 months summer salary for summer 2021). DOE EPSCoR. $630,897. 2019-2021.

PI: Analyzing Large Clinic Data Using Bayesian Mixed Effect Model. Sanford Data Collaborative. Sanford. $1,000; 2020-2021.

PI: South Dakota State University, Department of Agronomy, Horticulture, and Plant Science. Full support for Two Graduate Research Assistants: 1 MSc. and 1 Ph.D.; January 2019 - July 2022.

PI: Scholarly Excellence Funds. South Dakota State University. $500.00 each year for 2019 and 2020.

Professional Memberships

American Statistical Association (ASA),
International Society of Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)

Area(s) of Research

Big Data,
Dimension Reduction and Variable Selection,
Functional Data Analysis,
Machine Learning,
Multivariate Statistics,
Spatial and Spatiotemporal Statistics.

Applications of Research

Environmental Data,
Electrical Data,
Public Health,
Brain Imaging.



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