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Hailong Jin



Associate Professor

Office Building

Harding Hall



Mailing Address

Harding Hall 123
Economics-Box 2220
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


PhD, Iowa State University
MS, Tsinghua University
BA, Jilin University

Academic Interests

applied econometrics, mathematical economics, macroeconomics

Academic Responsibilities

Courses taught: advanced decision making science, advanced macroeconomics, risk management, mathematical economics, introduction to econometrics, intermediate macroeconomics, money and banking, business statistics ii, AAEA quiz bowl workshop, principles of economics

Committee Activities

Mt. Plains Business Association Board

Creative Activities

[20] Wang, Tong, Hailong Jin, Heidi Sieverding, Sandeep Kumar, Oladipo Obembe, Xudong Rao, Ali Mirzakhani Nafchi, Daren Redfearn, Stephen Cheye, "Understanding farmer views of precision agriculture profitability in the U.S. Midwest," Ecological Economics, accepted.
[19] Wang, Tong, Hailong Jin, Heidi L. Sieverding, "Factors affecting farmer perceived challenges towards precision agriculture," Precision Agriculture, accepted.
[18] Etumnu, Chinonso, Tong Wang, Hailong Jin, Heidi Sieverding, Jessica Schad, David Clay, "Understanding Farmers’ Perception of Extreme Weather Events and Adaptive Measures," Climate Risk Management, forthcoming.
[17] Adhikari, Ram, Tong Wang, Hailong Jin, Jessica Schad, Heidi Sieverding, David Clay, 2023, "Farmer perceived challenges towards conservation practice usage in the margins of the Corn Belt, U.S.A." Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, forthcoming.
[16] Jin, Hailong, 2022, "Economic development under persistent currency intervention," Journal of Economics and Public Finance, 8(4), 1-14.
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[5] Wang, Tong, Seong C. Park, and Hailong Jin, 2015, “Will Farmers Save Water? A Theoretical Analysis of Groundwater Conservation Policies,” Water Resources and Economics, 12, 27-39.
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[1] Jin, Hailong, and E. Kwan Choi, 2013, “Profits and Losses from Currency Intervention,” International Review of Economics & Finance, 27, 14-20.

Area(s) of Research

economic modeling, time series analysis, survey data analysis

Applications of Research

international monetary system, economic development, farm and ranch management