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Corynn Vande Kamp

Corynn Hoff


Instructor (Sioux Falls)

Office Building


Mailing Address

SDSU Nursing - Sioux Falls
2300 Career Ave Ste 260
Sioux Falls, SD 57107


Master of Science. South Dakota State University, 2022: Nursing Education
Bachelor of Science. South Dakota State University, 2017: Nursing

Academic Responsibilities

NURS 258, Nursing Principles and Application I Assessment and Interventions
NURS 258L, Nursing Principles and Application I Assessment and Interventions Lab
NURS 323, Pathophysiology
NURS 335, Clinical Application II
NURS 345, Clinical Application III
NURS 347, Concept Synthesis I
NURS 358, Nursing Principles and Applications II Interventions
NURS 358L, Nursing Principles and Applications II Interventions Lab
NURS 434, Patient-Centered Care Concepts IV
NURS 435, Clinical Applications IV
NURS 437, Concepts Synthesis II
NURS 444, Patient-Centered Care
NURS 444L, Patient Centered Care Lab
NURS 491, Independent Study
NURS 495, Practicum

Semester 3 Coordinator, Sioux Falls
Semester 5 Coordinator, Sioux Falls

Committee Activities

Sioux Falls Student Nurses' Association Faculty Advisor
Sigma Theta Tau Phi Chapter Governance Committee Chair

BSN Subcommittee Member
Simulation and Experiential Learning Committee Member
Admissions, Progression and Graduation Committee Member

Awards and Honors

Nominated for: Transformational Leadership Award, Sanford Health. (2020)
Learning for Improvement Academy, Sanford Health. (2019-2020)
Nominated for: Sanford Group Hero, Sanford Health. (2019 & 2020)
Nominated for: Florence Nightingale Award, Sanford Health. (2019)
Mary Adams Outstanding Student Nurse Award, South Dakota State University. (2017)
Distinguished Scholarship: C&A Johnson Scholarship, South Dakota State University. (2013-2014)

Professional Memberships

National League for Nursing. (2022 – Present)
American Association of Critical Care Nurses. (2018-Present)
Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Chapter. (March, 2017 – Present) | Governance Committee Member (2022-2024)
Southeast Technical College Advisory Board Member. (2021-2022)
Honor Society (2020-2022)
Golden Key International Honour Society. (2020-2022)
Graduate Nursing Student Academy; AACN. (2019-2022)
Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society. (2013-2017)

Work Experience

Registered Nurse Clinical Nurse Educator (RN CNE). Sanford Health. December 2020-Present
Registered Nurse: RN, Clinical Care Leader, Sanford Health. June 2017-Present | Central Resource Pool (CRP): November 2022-Present | Critical Care: June 2017-December 2020 | Ambulatory Acute Care, Just in Time Training (JTS) for COVID support: January – February 2022
RN Clinical Assistant: Augustana University | Sanford Health. September 2021-May 2022 & South Dakota State University | Sanford Health. March 2019-June 2019
Clinical Skills Educator: USD School of Medicine. 2021-2022