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Brittany Slettedahl

Brittany Slettedahl


Student Researcher


Brittany Slettedahl is a 2025 PharmD candidate. She has worked as a pharmacy technician at CVS Pharmacy and currently interns at Sanford USD Medical Center. She is interested in both ambulatory care and hospital pharmacy. She has assisted with CPIC’s CVD projects, collecting journal articles and infographics about different cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. She has also helped with other miscellaneous projects such as creating two different QuestionPro surveys for pharmacists to complete. She chose to work with CPIC to broaden her skills and experiences within research. She hopes to take this experience and learn more about the research side of pharmacy. Her work with CPIC help her in her future health care job through being able to advocate more for her patients due to being more knowledgeable about certain disease states, like cardiovascular diseases.