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Mid-Semester Review

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning is excited to announce a new initiative within our programming. The CETL will be offering our new Mid-Semester Review Program between early to mid-October for the Fall Semester and late February to early March in the Spring.

Mid-Semester Review

Conducting Discussion

The program consists of a CETL staff member coming into the classrooms of interested faculty members and conducting brief 10-minute focus groups with the students enrolled in the class without the faculty member in the room. Student will be asked two basic questions to facilitate the discussion:

  • What do you feel has positively impacted your learning this semester?
  • What suggestions/ideas do you have for your instructor that may to enhance your learning experience in this class?

The focus groups will be audio recorded and then transcribed for the faculty member. Students will not be identified and the instructor will only receive a copy of the comments in bullet point format. Student comments will remain anonymous.

Review Meeting

Following the Mid-Semester Review faculty participating in this process will be asked to meet with the CETL staff member conducting the review and will receive a copy of the bulleted comments in addition to a brief summary from CETL staff identifying 2 – 3 major themes that emerged during the focus group. These meetings will take no more than 30 minutes. Faculty will be encouraged to discuss the results of the process with their students in order to provide meaning and value to the experience. There is no expectation that faculty will make “changes” but the Mid-Semester Review is a great opportunity to see where your class is at and engage students in communication about the course.

Please look for an email about 2-3 weeks in the beginning of each corresponding semesters for more information.

Don McCrea discusses mid-semester review program from CETL.