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Faculty Fellows and Mentors


CETL Faculty Fellows

The goal of the CETL Faculty Fellows program is to supplement current CETL university-wide programming in a specific way to meet more individualized needs of the faculty of each particular college. Faculty Fellows representing each college have the full support of the SDSU CETL and are mentored in their role by CETL staff to advance a culture of teaching excellence at SDSU. The 2022- 2023 South Dakota State University Faculty Fellows are listed below.

CETL Faculty Mentors

The CETL Faculty Mentor program is an opportunity for faculty to serve as peer observers for their colleagues in an official capacity within CETL. The CETL Faculty Mentor program supplements the traditional CETL Observation program intended to provide strengths based and supportive feedback on teaching and learning to the faculty of South Dakota State University. CETL Faculty Mentors conduct 8 observation and feedback sessions per semester in support of their colleagues. The 2022-2023 CETL Faculty Mentors are listed below.

SoTL Fellows