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Extension Use Only

Free sample mailing from Extension Offices

  • Mailing plant samples from the county extension office or from a regional center is free when using the supplied mailing envelopes and labels.
  • The Plant Diagnostic Clinic will supply the county extension offices and the state regional centers with FedEx mailers that include a Polyethylene pack and prepaid shipping label. Just call the SDSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic at 605-688-5545. You can also email at Email for more packs and labels.
  • When using the prepaid shipping label, you will need to fill in the “From” information section on the shipping label. 
    • Sender’s Name: Please put the Extension office the sample is being mailed from. 
    • Date
    • Phone number
    • This is the only information needed. The rest is already filled in for you.
  • Call FedEx to schedule a pickup or drop it off at a FedEx store or drop box. The sample will then arrive at the Plant Diagnostic Clinic in 2 days.
  • NOTE: Consider refrigerating samples that come in on Thursday and Friday and then send them in on Monday to avoid them setting in a warm room over the weekend as they may degrade beyond the point that identification can be made.