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Keys Policy

Each resident is given the keys needed when they sign their contract at check-in. All keys remain the property of South Dakota State University and may not be duplicated.

A lost key can result in a serious security problem for residents. When a resident reports they have lost a room key, a work order is generated to change the locks and replace keys for all residents of the room, and charge the responsible resident. The charge assessed covers the replacement cost of the lock for the room door, mailbox, labor and new keys. The charges range from $50 to $80.

If residents find a key or key ring, they should turn it in at their hall desk or department office in Caldwell Hall as quickly as possible. This simple act could save a fellow resident unneeded expense. Unauthorized possession or use of a University key is a serious offense and could lead to suspension or expulsion. Residents should not loan their key(s) to others. Lending keys is a serious policy violation, which could result in a student conduct sanction.

If you find yourself locked out of your room or if you leave your keys at home, you may check out the spare key for your room at the hall desk. The policy regarding checking out the file key should have been explained before you were asked to sign your key card. Residents may obtain a copy of this policy or see their key card at the hall desk for more information.