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Alumni & Friends

The strength of our science community involves not only our current students, faculty, and staff, but of those who have and continue to be engaged in our college. Our Alumni Blue & Yellow network continues to grow in strength, ever-expanding locally, nationally, and internationally. With the vast academic and research applications after graduation, it's not uncommon to hear of or find our CNS Jackrabbit tracks around the world. The College of Natural Sciences takes pride in the successes our alumni achieve, proudly sharing their stories and finding ways to continue supporting them after graduation. 

Erica Manandhar shares her experience at SDState.

Ben Gillette shares his experience at SDState.

Zach Zenner shares his experience at SDState.

Kate Kondratuk shares her experience at SDState.

The College of Natural Sciences also recognizes the great collaborations and efforts from the community whose contributions support our development of future leaders.