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IDS 15th Annual Teaching Technology & Innovation Expo

IDS will host its annual expo Oct. 7 and Oct. 8 online in Zoom. The expo will showcase new technologies and innovations for enhancing teaching, learning and research.

The sessions will be presented by SDSU faculty, industrial professionals and IDS staff. You're cordially invited to join these sessions on either day. Please reserve your seat online. Topics include:

  • Advanced Features in Zoom
  • MS PowerPoint Recording, Quizzing, and Stream
  • Virtual Collaboration with MS Teams
  • Make Interaction with Your Audience Easier with QuestionPro LivePolls
  • Reinventing Science Education – Labster Simulations
  • TurningPoint Web: Interactions for F2F, Hybrid & Online
  • Live Captioning with Microsoft PowerPoint & Webcaptioner
  • Instructor & Learner Interactions with D2L Video Note