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William P. Hinckley Sr.

Mrs. William Hinckley
William P. Hinckley Sr.

Eminent Homemaker

County: Potter

Mrs. William Hinckley was born Grace Goodacre in Center, Wisconsin, on March 22, 1895. She resided in Minnesota and Indiana, being graduated from Wolcott (Indiana) High School in 1914. That summer, she took education work at Valparaiso (Indiana) University.

Her teaching assignment in South Dakota forty-one years ago was at the Lowell Township school where she taught two years.

On September 1, 1916, she married William P. Hinckley at Wolcott, Indiana. The couple moved onto the farmstead three-fourths mile from their present home. The Hinckleys reared seven children through some of the toughest drought years this country has ever seen.

Since the children live in several parts of the United States, the Hinckleys have an opportunity to follow their hobby of traveling. They have visited all but seven of the 48 states.

Along with traveling, Mrs. Hinckley considers sewing, raising flowers and photography as hobbies.

The Hinckleys are members of the Methodist Church in Gettysburg. She has been superintendent of Sunday School at a country church. She has also been an active member of the Community Center Women’s Club, an extension club. It was one of the first clubs in South Dakota, having been organized in 1922.

She led a 4-H Club for a year and her older children have been members in 4-H Club work.

The 1,152 acre farm on which the Hinckleys reside is classed as a grain and livestock farm. About 640 acres are under cultivation.