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L. T. Larsen

L. T. Larsen
L. T. Larsen

Eminent Homemaker

County: Perkins

The position which Mrs. L. T. Larsen held in her community at Lodgepole in Northern Perkins County, was typified when she was presented with a radio by her neighbors at Christmas, 1938.

There is scarcely a man, woman or child for miles in all directions from Lodgepole whom Mrs. Larsen has not cared for when they were ill. When she and her husband first homesteaded at Lodgepole in 1906 there were no doctors available and Mrs. Larsen spent many days and nights at the bedside of the sick.

Mrs. Larsen was born Inga A. Johnson, December 5, 1871, in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She attended public schools in LaCrosse and worked until her marriage to L. T. Larsen in 1904.

Three daughters were born to the Larsens.

Mr. and Mrs. Larsen kept a store in Lodgepole between 1908 and 1911 and Mr. Larsen became the first postmaster in 1908. He was succeeded by Mrs. Larsen who was postmistress until 1921. The family lived in Bison between 1921 and 1924.

The Larsen place served as a service center for the community throughout the early years, frequently providing lodging for a dozen or more travelers.

Mrs. Larsen was the only president of the Lodgepole Union Ladies Aid since its organization in 1909. The organization does not stop at denominational lines but all ladies of the community, regardless of creed, are members. Under Mrs. Larsen’s leadership, the Aid raised money to build the Lodgepole church, calling it the “Union Church” so all might attend.

She also became the first 4-H club leader of the community, organizing a girls’ club in 1926. She was a member of the board of directors of the State 4-H local Leaders Association.

She also became the first chairman of the local Home Extension club, and was vice-chairman of the county Home Extension training center in Lodgepole. Mrs. Larsen has held all the offices in the Rebecca Lodge, becoming a charter member in 1926. She was a musician for the lodge and organist for the church. In addition she finds time to serve as correspondent for three weekly newspapers—in Lemmon, Hettinger, and Bison.