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Elsie (E. W.) Laisy

Mrs. Elsie (E. W.) Laisy
Elsie (E. W.) Laisy

Eminent Homemaker

County: Harding

Recognized as one of the Eminent Homemakers of 1936 was Mrs. Elsie (E. W.) Laisy of Gill, South Dakota. She received the distinction for her never-ending service to her neighbors and to her community.Mrs. Laisy took an active interest in the promotion of better church, school and social activities in her community. Through her efforts a nine-month school was established in her community. She taught two of her children and a neighbor's child in her home before a school system was started. The following year a six-month school was set up in the community. She acted as the teacher and received $45 a month. She worked for a standardization of the school systems and the overall improvement of the educational system of the region. She promoted community entertainments, dances and initiated literary clubs.Slim Butte Extension club was the second of its type organized in the county. Besides being a social group, the members did such charitable acts as making up boxes for needy families. Mrs. Laisy did secretarial work for 12 years for the Harding County Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company. The Laisys raised one girl and two boys, all of whom later attended college.