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Bert Tupper

Mrs. Bert Tupper
Bert Tupper

Eminent Homemaker

County: Miner

Mrs. Bert Tupper, Junius, South Dakota, a 1956 eminent homemaker was born in Ireton, Iowa, October 9, 1892.

She came to Lincoln County with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pereboom at the age of three years, and then to Gregory County as homesteaders. She earned a teaching certificate by examination and taught for eight years near Herrick, South Dakota, and Gregory, South Dakota.

She married Bert Tupper in Gregory on March 2, 1920. They have six children, two daughters and four sons. All the children are college graduates. The couple moved to Wessington Springs, South Dakota, where they farmed eighteen years, then moved to Junius in 1938.

During her years as a homemaker Mrs. Tupper distinguished herself as a wife, mother and as a worker in church and community service.

During the depression of the 1930’s she encouraged her family to have faith that things would work out for the best.

Mrs. Tupper has always raised a garden and preserved home grown foods. She made the children’s clothing.

She is active in the Methodist Church in Madison, South Dakota, where she taught Sunday School for ten years. She has served as president of the Women’s Society for Christian Service, was a member of the church board and is on the Board of Control of the Wesley Foundation, a student affiliate with the Methodist Church.

Mrs. Tupper has been a member of P.T.A. for eighteen years, a member of the Royal Neighbors for forty years, and of the Rebekah Lodge No. 2 at Madison.

She has been an Extension club member and all of the children were members of 4-H clubs.

Her hobbies include knitting, embroidery, sewing, crocheting, rug-making, quilt-making, reading and television.

The Tuppers were named Farm Family of the Month in 1952 by the Lake County REA members.