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Arthur Justice

Arthur Justice
Arthur Justice

Eminent Homemaker

County: Brookings

Mrs. Arthur Justice was born in Illinois and raised on a farm. She came with her parents and a sister and three brothers to Brookings County, South Dakota, when she was fifteen years old.

Mrs. Justice graduated from Brookings high school in 1911. For two years she taught country school. In 1914, she married Lloyd Schrader. In the spring of 1915 they moved to the farm on which she still resides. Five children were born to them.

Mr. Schrader died in 1925. The youngest child was just a little over one year and the eldest was nine years. Determined to hold the family together, she hired a man to do the heavy farm work while she and the youngsters did the chores, milked twelve cows twice a day, grew a large garden and raised 300 to 400 chickens. Besides all this, she managed to send the children to Sunday school, church and school.

In 1928, she married Arthur Justice. They have four children.

A mother of nine children, Mrs. Justice guided her youngsters into interests that would profit them all their lives. All of the children can play one or more musical instruments; several of them can sing. She gave constant encouragement for their going to college. All the children are active in church, high school and college activities.

Mrs. Justice has done all the sewing for her family. For her it is more of a hobby than a job. Another hobby which takes first place with her are her house plants and garden flowers.

Mrs. Justice has served several years as a 4-H club leader. She is member of the North View Extension club and the Wednesday club.

One of her proudest accomplishments is her apple orchard. Because her parents had always had an orchard, she was determined to have one. She made many six-mile trips to bring seedlings from her old home for a shelterbelt to protect her orchard. This orchard not only produces apples but includes currants, gooseberries, raspberries and strawberries. At times the strawberry bed has produced 200 to 300 quarts of fruit a day.

It is an annual event for the Justice’s to dress 500 fryers each summer.