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Etiquette for the Virtual Classroom

Section - Academics

SDSU is committed to your success as a student, whether you are in the physical or virtual classroom. Just as in your face-to-face courses, your professors and fellow classmates expect you to portray yourself in a positive manner while engaged in live Zoom sessions. Here are several easy-to-follow rules to ensure you are making the best virtual impression.

  1. Log In Using Your SDSU Credentials.
    • If you share a computer or device with a roommate or family member, be sure when you enter the virtual classroom that you have logged in with your SDSU credentials.
  2. Be Present.
    • Attendance and participation are expected in your virtual course. Know if your professor requires video to be on while connected via Zoom. Remember, you will be seen by the entire class and should conduct yourself in a professional manner. Keep in mind classes are often being recorded.
  3. Actively Engage in Classroom Discussions.
    • It is important to engage in respectful discourse, whether that is via audio or the chat. Do not use inappropriate language. Your professor may prefer you raise your hand before speaking to avoid disruptions or to prevent multiple people talking at once; be aware of and respectful of these preferences. Avoid side conversations via chat with classmates, and remember these are visible to the professor and archived with the session recording.
  4. Avoid Multitasking.
    • While it may be tempting to watch a baseball game, shop or walk away and cook lunch … it is not recommended. Focus on the class, and be an engaged member of the learning community.
  5. Mute is Your Friend.
    • Active engagement in your courses is the best way to learn. However, be sure to have your microphone on mute when you are not actively engaged in the discussion to eliminate background noise such as your dog begging for a treat.
  6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings.
    • Remember your professor and classmates can see behind you. Make sure there is nothing in the background that may distract from the class or embarrass you. You have the option to use a virtual background, but display it before class to ensure it is not too distracting as well.
  7. Enjoy a (nonalcoholic) beverage but hold off on having lunch during a Zoom session.
    • We all get thirsty but save the adult beverages for outside of class … and for when you are legal. Plan meals and snacks around your Zoom sessions because eating during Zoom sessions is distracting not only to you but also to your classmates and professors.
  8. Clothing … Wear It!
    • Dress as if you are in a physical classroom setting. There is such a thing as too casual!

Disruptions and inappropriate behavior affects you, your professor and classmates. Keep in mind you are still subject to the SDSU Student Conduct Code in the virtual classroom. 

Participation in the virtual classroom via Zoom will provide you skills that you will carry into your profession. Adherence to the above guidelines will prepare you to shine in a virtual work setting or one that has you engaging with others around the world.