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Youth Engineering Adventure- Summer Scholars Program

The YEA - Summer Scholars Program will run July 9-14, 2017.

The Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering YEA is now part of the Fishback Summer Scholars Program which will immerse talented, motivated high school students in a week of ‘college life’ at South Dakota State University. Participants will explore an array of interesting academic and research experiences, along with enrichment and social programs designed to help them prepare for the next step in their intellectual, personal and professional development.

The week-long experience, scheduled for July 9-14 will include:

In-depth experiences in engineering and technology majors and careers as well as the opportunity to explore other career areas such as:

Architecture, Aviation, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, English, Journalism, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Sociology, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences.

Goals & Opportunities

The goal of this program is to build understanding, appreciation, interest, and enthusiasm for engineering as a career among high school students. Inspiring young people in this manner will help ensure that future generations have individuals empowered with knowledge of engineering and technology to generate greater economic vitality and create a better quality of life.

the program provides the following opportunities:

  • Hands-on learning and educational experiences
  • Engineering design experiences
  • Tours: Engineering/Industry/Technology Leaders
  • Teamwork and leadership opportunities
  • Introduction to engineering as a career
  • Social interactions and fun
  • Exploration of other majors and career areas

How to Apply

Space is limited. Applications should be submitted by June 1. Successful applicants will be notified of their selection by June 1.

To register and for more information, please see the following event site: