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Agronomy,Horticulture, & Plant Sci
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Brookings, SD 57007

Paul Johnson


Specialty Area:
Areas of Study/Academic Interests:
Insect taxonomy, biodiversity, conservation biology, collections management
Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin, Madison M.S. - University of Idaho B.S. - Oregon State University
Teaching Responsibilities:
Undergraduate: Insect Biology, PS/Zool 305 Graduate: Insect Taxonomy PS 761, Special Topics, Independent Study, Thesis
Research/Scholarship Responsibilities:
Insect biodiversity in the Americas and Pacific Oceania, with focal projects in prairie ecosystems, the Black Hills, Costa Rica, Colombia, Hawaii, Fiji, and Samoa.
Committee Activities:
SDSU Faculty Senate (2008-2014; President 2010-2011; past-President 2011-2012; Executive Commitee 2012-2013). Graduate Council (2011-2014).
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