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Aligned with the University’s mission and vision, GreenState is the center of sustainability and environmental stewardship at South Dakota State University.

The Mission of South Dakota State University

"...will create a prosperous future for the people of South Dakota and their communities, and for the region and the nation, through excellence in education, in innovation and new knowledge creation and in putting knowledge to work."

The university recognizes the inherent responsibility to create a future that affords the generations of today good things that do not compromise possibilities of future generations.

GreenState is found in the education and research functions at SDSU that encourage learning and innovation. Through campus life, programs, operations, curriculum and research SDSU creates new knowledge in sustainability and environmental stewardship and puts that knowledge to work.

The GreenState community includes social, environmental and economic dimensions, within a rich fabric of diversity that includes opportunities for all to play a role in determining the future.

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