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Our Team

Team Members

Yeager Control Room
Lowell Haag, Coordinator


Meet Yeager Media Center’s Coordinator, Lowell Haag. He organizes many aspects of the day-to-day operation of the center, which includes supervising student production assistants. Lowell keeps busy in the TV studio control room preparing for the next live broadcast from Yeager, but can also be seen on location as a videographer. 2021 marks his 34th year being behind the camera, 25 of those with South Dakota State University. 


Yeager Studio
Brian Stemwedel, Assistant Coordinator



Meet Yeager Media Center’s Assistant Coordinator, Brian Stemwedel. He specializes in multimedia production and television broadcasting. Brian is usually busy cutting projects in the edit suite, but can also be found working in the field as a videographer. 2021 will mark his 17th year of service at SDState. 


Ag Museum
Bruce Anderson, Client Relations





Meet Yeager Media Center’s  Client Relations and Multimedia Associate, Bruce Anderson. He has over four decades of experience in delivering high quality media productions, with a focus in higher education, state and local government, marketing, orientation, and instructional media. As Client Relation Associate his strengths include project management, cost estimating, and budgeting. 2021 will mark his 8th year of service at SDState. Contact him today and let Yeager tell your story!