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Case Study Three

                  South Dakota State University College of Nursing


Shana Harming
Shana Harming, Director

"Our initial production company did not listen to the specific needs regarding content covered and seem to miss what tone we were going for in the video. We spoke about this several times and yet they continued to “do their own thing”. It became very frustrating and stalled the video production several times. Yeager Media listened to our needs, were able to implement the correct content, understood the target audience as well as the flow and tone of the video to accommodate for the culturally specific American Indian target audience. I felt that Yeager Media understood our needs and truly listened to our input and were able to conceptualize and implement our “vision” of what we wanted the video to look like and include the information we wanted to convey within the time limit given." 

"Dialysis centers and tribal communities truly appreciate the culturally sensitive video that portrays real American Indian stories of their personal journey through kidney disease, dialysis and/or receiving a living kidney donation. The video content results in more American Indians considering and taking steps to discuss the option of living kidney donation with their friends and family. American Indians on dialysis give the video to their friends and family to educate their loved ones on the risks and benefits of living kidney donation as a means to “start the conversation” about Living Kidney Donation Transplant. The video has been beneficial to both dialysis patients and potential donors to learn about LKDT. The video will be disseminated to any tribal community that would like a copy – which we hope to included tribal communities across the nation." - Shana Harming


 It's Their Story Told Through Our Lens