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Case Study One

South Dakota Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory 

The first step in gaining funding to build a premier veterinary diagnostics laboratory for the state of South Dakota was letting citizens know how significant the South Dakota Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (ADRDL) is to the region. Yeager Media Center (YMC) helped the ADRDL demonstrate its impact through video storytelling.

A ten-minute video, scripted, filmed and edited by YMC, was shared with key stakeholders to educate them about how the diagnostic testing services aid in protecting animal health and the impact on people. The video helped launch a campaign that resulted in the construction of a $58-million Biosafety Level-3 space with expanded capabilities on South Dakota State University’s campus. On December 9, 2019 they moved into the new addition.

The staff of the ADRDL are nationally recognized for their skill in diagnosing key diseases of cattle, pigs, and other livestock. Additionally, the ADRDL supports veterinarians and caretakers of horses and companion animals, plays a vital role in identifying zoonotic diseases such as rabies, and helps to keep our food supply safe by testing food products for bacteria that may cause food-borne illness.

"South Dakota Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory"
2019 ADRDL new building expansion


"Your video was great! We gave it out on a jump drive to every legislator or person who toured through the building. So, I would say it helped!" Dr. Jane Hennings, ADRDL Director

"The video was really step 1 in the campaign to get the lab." Dr. Chris Chase, ADRDL Professor

"One of the challenging aspects of gaining funding was helping people understand what we do in the first place, and you and your crew did that very well!" Dr. Russ Daly, ADRDL Professor



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