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Case Study Five

The Daktronics Company

During the summer of 2018, SDSU Journalism student Dylan Monson was working part-time at both Daktronics in Brookings and Yeager Media Center at SDSU. In 2018 Daktronics, a world leader in digital display manufacturing was celebrating its 50th anniversary.  Using his ties to both companies Dylan helped initiate a collaborative project between Daktronics and the Yeager Media Center chronicling the company’s first half century. Dylan produced the resulting 16-minute documentary. Yeager Media staff aided both in the editing and post-production stages of the video.  Yeager staff, working from their facilities on the campus of SDSU and Dylan, working from Daktronics headquarters utilized a new cloud based feature within Adobe Premiere Pro called “Team Projects”.  Team Projects allowed both parties to make edits remotely from their offices. Without the need for unnecessary travel, they completed the project faster and in a more efficient manner.

Daktronics Logo
Daktronics 50th Anniversary




            "We could not have of done this without you and your amazing team! Thank you."

                                    Christianne Beringer, Daktronics Marketing for Employee Community





Dylan worked at Yeager Media as a production assistant for over three years.  He graduated from SDSU in December 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.  Since graduating, he has become a full-time employee at Daktronics - working as a Video Producer & Multimedia Specialist.

Dylan Monson, Broadcast Journalism Major
Dylan Monson, 2018 Broadcast Journalism Alum




Broadcast Journalism Alum Dylan Monson states, "I started working at the Yeager Media Center the first semester of my freshman year. By my senior year, I've picked up so many skills working in different positions on a live television show. You learn a lot through hands on work, in a real studio environment, and with professional staff."