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History of Women's Studies at SDSU

The Women’s Studies program was developed by a dedicated and concerned group of faculty members at SDSU who recognized the important and damaging implications of the lack of accurate information about women in the academic curriculum.


1980: The minor is offered for the first time.
1980-1984: Dr. Ruth Alexander (English) serves as program coordinator.
1984-1993:Eleanor Schwab (Political Science) serves as program coordinator.
1993-2000:  Dr. Virginia Norris (Psychology) serves as Coordinator of Women's Studies, now a 50%-50% split position shared between Women's Studies and the disciplinary home of the Coordinator.

Women's Studies 101 (Introduction to Women's Studies), Women's Studies 491 (Capstone/Independent Study) and Women's Studies 392 (Topics in Women's Studies) are developed.

2000-2009: Dr. April Brooks (History) serves as Coordinator of Women’s Studies.
2009-2010: Dr. Christine Stewart-Nuñez (English) serves as Interim Coordinator.