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Fields of Study

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that places gender and women at the center of inquiry and seeks to blur rigid boundaries between classroom, campus, and community spaces; in other words, we strive for engaged, active learning, teaching, and research. The program relies on collaboration between academic departments, including English, History, Sociology, Psychology, and Family and Consumer Sciences, enabling students and faculty to utilize the perspectives and methodologies of Women's Studies across traditional disciplines. Women’s and Gender Studies is committed to developing and coordinating interdisciplinary undergraduate courses; offering public programming; fostering a feminist campus community; and working on issues of gender and social justice on and off campus.

18 credits required for minor

Summer 2018

WMST 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies EXPL – online – 5 week term – Required

WMST-349 Women in American History – online - 5 week term

Fall 2018 

WMST-248 Women in Literature – Required

HSC/ WMST 260  Women's Health Issues - online

SOC/ WMST 325  Domestic and Intimate Violence

CA 340  Work Family Interface

WMST 392 Topics  Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy in the 21st Century

SPCM/ WMST 415 Communication and Gender 

WMST-491  Independent Study-EXPL– Required

WMST 492 Topics - EXPL

WMST 494  Internship - EXPL

WMST 498 Undergraduate Research/Scholarship  - EXPL

Spring 2019

WMST 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies –EXPL - Required

AM/ WMST 253 Socio-Psychological Aspects of Dress

WMST 250  Development of Human Sexuality

HDFS/ WMST 250 Development of Human Sexuality - online

HSC/ WMST 260 Women's Health Issues - online

PSYC/ WMST 367  Psychological Gender Issues - online

WMST 491  Independent Study - EXPL

WMST 492 Topics - EXPL

WMST 494 Internship - EXPL

WMST 498 Undergraduate Research/Scholarship - EXPL