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For Students

Info card for the WGSS minor

Student Learning Outcomes

The Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies minor is a great complement to any major, because it prepares students to understand how gender and sexuality shape people's experiences, resulting in better engagement with others. Students develop "people skills," which are in high demand with employers given the rapidly changing demographics within the state of South Dakota and in the broader United States. Graduates with a minor in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies will be able to:  

  1. Recognize gender and sexuality as socio-cultural constructs that intersect with race, ethnicity, ability, nationality, and socio-economic status, among other aspects of identity; 
  2. Analyze how institutions and policies influence and reinforce power inequities and cultural expectations about gender and sexuality; and
  3. Engage in critical inquiry using theoretical and methodological lenses grounded in gender and sexuality studies.

Catalog Requirements for the Minor