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Wokini Leadership Council Members


The Wokini Leadership Council will provide leadership and oversight to the Wokini Initiative and serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of Wokini & Tribal Relations, providing insights into current and future initiatives and recommendations on funding priorities.


ChairShana Harming, Director of Wokini & Tribal Relations

American Indian Elder - Beverly Warne

Student Success Liaison - Erica Moore, Director of American Indian Student Center

Academic Integration LiaisonMark Freeland, Coordinator of American Indian Studies

Outreach LiaisonKarla Trautman, Program Director - Food & Families Programs-Extension

Research/Grants LiaisonJim Doolittle, Associate Vice President - Research Assurance & Sponsored Programs

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Access LiaisonKas Williams, Chief Diversity Officer

Student Liaison - Paige Cain 

External Liaisons – 1) Tom Fishback, and 2) Dan Campbell