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The New Beginnings Newsletter

The New Beginnings Newsletter comes out on a monthly basis and highlights happenings and stories related to the Wokini Initiative. The newsletter also shares Upcoming Events, Book of the Month, Dakota Word of the Month and Lakota Word of the Month.

September 2022 - The New Beginnings Newsletter

  • New students welcomed for Fall 2022 at the AISC
  • The Wokini Initiative welcomes Paige Cain, Coordinator for American Indian Student Recruitment
  • Dawn Tobacco-Frank inaugurated as Oglala Lakota College President
  • Wokini sponsors Innoskate 2022 in Pine Ridge and in Sioux Falls

May/June 2022 - The New Beginnings Newsletter

  • Native 2022 Graduates Honored at American Indian Student Center
  • The Wokini Initiative Congratulates the Class of 2022
  • Beverley Warne, Native American Nursing Education Center Mentor, named to South Dakota Hall of Fame

April 2022 - The New Beginnings Newsletter

  • Wokini Knowledge Circle Debuting at Hilton M. Briggs Library
  • Filmmaker and Panelists from Pine Ridge and Rosebud - Screening of "Women of the White Buffalo" - by Deborah Anderson

March 2022 - The New Beginnings Newsletter

  • SDSU-Hosted AISES Conference a Success
  • Beverley Warne, NANEC Mentor, Honored by South Dakota State Legislature
  • The Wokini Initiative and SDSU welcome Valeria Wicker, Program Coordinator. 
  • NANEC Hosting Tim Bad Heart Bull for Lunch and Learn

February 2022 - The News Beginnings Newsletter

  • The Wokini Initiative welcomes Sarah Bad Warrior-Vrooman as the Larson Endowed Director of Wokini and Tribal Relations.
  • Big Eagle Awarded F.O. Butler Award for Excellence in Service
  • Wokini Challenge Grant Spotlight

January 2022 - The New Beginnings Newsletter

  • Wiyaka His Horse is Thunder announced as American Indian Success Adviser
  • Wokini Challenge Grant Spotlight
  • The Impact of Data Sovereignty and the Challenges of Developing Community Artificial Intelligence Principles