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COVID-19 Updates: Stay Informed

New AISC Building Updates

As part of the Wokini Initiative, in 2020, SDSU will open a 12,400 square-foot American Indian Student Center, which will provide a "home away from home" environment and cultural activities. The $4.5 million facility will also provide student support services, technology resources, office space and meeting rooms. 

Rendering of future American Indian Student Center

Updates as of May 28, 2019:

Most structural steel beams and steel joists are installed. Two out of three masonry mockups are complete.

Photo Updates:

Updates as of April 30, 2019:

Elevator and multipurpose concrete masonry unit is complete. Some structural steel beams and some steel joists are installed. One masonry mockup is nearly complete. 

Photo Updates:

Update as of March 19, 2019:

The exterior wall footings and foundations, elevator shaft, mechanical pit, and multi-purpose masonry complete. Pad footings will be poured this week. Exterior masonry mock-ups will start early April. 

Photo Updates:

Update as of February 28, 2019:

Things are starting to happen even with the cold and sufficient amount of snow we have been getting. The most noticeable thing right now is the erection of the elevator shaft. The next thing we will start to see going up is the masonry for the multipurpose room. Steel is slowly arriving on site and is expected to be erected within the month.  

Photo Updates:

Update as of January 3, 2019: 

The footings and the foundation are poured. In the middle of the month we will start seeing some masonry work. Steel erection will begin by the end of February. 

Photo Updates: