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Five-Year Plan Goal 1

Target start date and parties responsible are listed in italics after each objective.

Goal 1: Transform SDSU to create a welcoming environment for American Indians by increasing SDSU’s staff/faculty capacity, knowledge and understanding of Oceti Sakowin history and culture through training, professional development and other learning and networking opportunities.


  • Examine SDSU policies and practices and, if necessary, make recommendations for changes based on adherence to principles of diversity, access, inclusion and equity

FY 2018-19: President’s Council, Wokini Leadership Council and Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Access


  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff with a focus of Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings which include: 1) lands and environment, 2) identity and resiliency, 3) culture and language, 4) kinship and harmony, 5) oral tradition and story, 6) sovereignty and treaties, and 7) way of life and development.

FY 2018-19: Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) Director, American Indian Student Center (AISC) Director, AIS Coordinator and Wokini Program Director


  • Create subsequent professional development programming including, but not limited to, myths versus facts and perpetuating the stereotypical “Indian,” first-generation college students, poverty, historical trauma and adverse childhood experiences, and current issues facing tribal communities and American Indians.

FY 2021-22: CETL Director, AISC Director and Wokini Program Director


  • Collaborate with existing grant opportunities to develop and deliver professional development focused on cultural competency for researchers on a consistent and annual basis.

Summer/Fall 2018: Provost, VP of Research and Economic Development and Wokini Program Director


  • Develop and implement an annual training calendar on priority topics for staff and faculty using CETL; Office of Diversity Inclusion, Equity and Access; AISC and AIS input and collaboration.

Summer 2018: CETL Director and Wokini Program Director