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Summer Bridge Programming

Summer Bridge 2021

Summer Bridge Programming

Academic Planning and Engagement Activities:

  • Things will kick off with a campus tour and orientation to locations every student should know: the Wellness Center, H.M. Briggs Library, Financial Aid, Wintrode Student Success & Opportunity Center, and TRIO
  • There will also be an Ice Cream Social where participants will have a chance to sit down with their academic and program advisors to talk about common interests and share what brought them to SDSU
  • Time Management Workshop: learn how to organize and plan for completing assignments, studying for tests, scheduling work hours and free time
  • Adulting 101: Finances Workshop: learn how to create a budget, manage credit and student loan debt
  • Growth Mindset Workshop: believe in your ability to become better through hard work and help from others
  • "Let's Get Sweaty" Workshop: take an active role in learning; exercise your mind as well as your bodies; learn strategies to become efficient learners
  • Involvement Workshop: learn about on-campus and community groups and organizations
    • Volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity and the Brookings Humane Society
    • Check out the local Farmers Market
  • Leadership Workshop: learn if a leadership role in an on-campus or community group is right for you; lead with your values
  • Career Development Office Workshop: learn about major and career exploration and part-time job opportunities for the academic year
  • Summer Bridge will close out with a meal that will bring together students and staff from various campus support offices

Stay tuned!

More information will be added as dates and times are set later this spring.

Thank you for your interest in the Summer Bridge program!