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Become a Tutor

Tutoring appointment

Use those hours of studying to help fellow students

Have you discovered how to make classifications in your biology course or found the best way to memorize Newton’s laws of motion? If so, and you’re ready to help others learn, check out the Wintrode Tutoring Program.

As a tutor, you can enhance your communication and leadership skills. Plus, the experience looks great on a resume. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Participating in training.
  • Preparing for sessions.
  • Creating a plan to fit students’ needs.
  • Assisting students to understand course content and develop effective learning strategies.
  • Assessing the students’ progress.

For more detailed information, view the tutor job description.

Why is certification important?

Certification is accredited through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

  • It provides recognition and positive reinforcement for your successful work from an international organization.
  • It sets a standard of skills and training for tutors.
  • It allows our program to certify all tutors who meet the criteria.

Levels of Certification

  • Level I (ACS 294) = Regular
  • Level II (ACS 394) = Advanced
  • Level III (ACS 494) = Master

Not only can this experience help you prepare for a career, but you can earn extra money to pay for your college expenses. The starting wage is $13 per hour (effective August 2022). When you complete the training and accumulate enough hours, you will become eligible for pay increases with each level of certification earned.


Thank you for your interest in the Wintrode Tutoring Program!

  • Step One: Access DocuSign complete and submit your application online. Hard copies of the application are available at the Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center.
  • Step Two: Two references are required for your application packet.
    • One reference must be completed by the professor who taught the course you wish to tutor, or a professor who teaches in the same discipline.
    • The second reference can be completed by a professor, advisor or other faculty/staff member who knows you well.
  • Direct your references to the References section of this page for the reference forms.


Thank you for being a reference for a Tutor applicant!

Please access DocuSign to complete a reference form online. If you prefer to complete your reference in hard copy form, a printable Tutor Reference form is available.

If you have questions, please contact the Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center at 605-688-4155.

Linde Murray, Tutoring and TRIO Programs Director
Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center
SWSC 124, Box 2214