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How to Schedule Tutor Appointments

Scheduling Wintrode Tutoring Program Appointments through ConnectState

ConnectState Login:

  • Sign into MyState.
  • Click the Dashboard tab then scroll down to the ConnectState section. Click the blue ConnectState hyperlink.

ConnectState platform: 

  • Click the blue Schedule an Appointment button in the upper right.
  • Select Tutor and then Wintrode Tutoring.
  • Select the course you want tutoring in.
    • Depending on the course, you may also need to select the course with your professor's last name.
  • Click Next.
  • Select Wintrode Tutoring Program from the dropdown.
  • Choose Any Staff or select your tutor's name, then click Next.
  • View dates with availabilities and select a time, then click Next.
  • Use the comment box to let your tutor know more about the reason for meeting.
  • Select whether or not you would like to have a text reminder.
    • Your phone number will appear if you have selected a text reminder.
  • Click Confirm Appointment.

 You will see a confirmation page once your appointment has been saved.

ConnectState Instructions