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Vision, Mission, Values

Wintrode Student Success Center


The Wintrode Student Success Center impacts student growth and success through student-centered interactions that empower students to be proactive and engaged learners.


The Wintrode Student Success Center positively impacts student success, retention, and graduation by promoting engaged learning and providing innovative approaches to foster academic and personal development.


The Wintrode Student Success Center values…

  • student-centered approaches as a foundation for growth, success, and self-advocacy
  • the celebration and enhancement of students’ academic and personal successes
  • diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in the development of a community of learners
  • unique strengths of each student, faculty, and staff person
  • excellence in teaching, student learning, service, and scholarly activities
  • high quality professionalism
  • civility, integrity, and trustworthiness
  • collaborative efforts between center programs and university campus partners