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After the Test

After the Test:
A Guide to Reflecting on Your Exam

It is tempting to take your exam and move on to the next thing, but an important step in the learning process is missed when that happens. Take some time to consider your preparation and subsequent performance. It will help you in preparation for the next exam. 

Based on my preparation, I thought I would receive a ___%.

  • What study strategies did you use? 
    • What worked well? 
    • What didn’t work very well?
  • Were there factors that negatively impacted your test performance? Examples:
    • Hunger
    • Fatigue
    • Daydreaming
    • Panic or anxiety
    • Personal issues
    • Test format confusion
    • Mental block
    • Something else?

The grade I actually received was a ___%.

  • When I first saw my results, I felt (how did you feel?) because (why did you feel that way?). 
  • What was the format of the exam (true/false, multiple choice, essay, etc.)?
  • Were your expectations of the exam consistent with the test (difficulty, format, etc.)?
  • What was the easiest section of the exam for you? What was the most difficult section?  Why?

Other considerations:

  • How many days did I begin studying prior to the exam?
  • Who did I study with? 
  • Where did I study?
  • What time of day did I study?

Is the grade an accurate representation of what you have learned?  Why or Why Not?

Plan for the Next Exam:

  • Next exam, my goal is to earn a ___%.
  • My plan to achieve that goal is:
    • I will utilize these study strategies: (list study strategies you will use)
    • I will adjust my studying by: (list what you will change)

In the future, how can you accommodate for any factors that negatively impacted your performance?